The Oyu Moyu Team

The Oyu Moyu Team

Oyuna Tserendorj - Creative Director

Oyuna has been creating inspiring, internationally renowned textiles products under her namesake brand for the past ten years. She founded Oyu Moyu in August 2013 with her life and business partner David Bernasconi.

The journey actually began a handful of years earlier, with the birth of their son, Elias! Inevitably Oyuna began to craft her own cosy pieces for Elias to snuggle up in whilst enjoying storytime together. As Elias grew, so too did their magical world of stories and Oyuna’s desire to share the unique clothing with the wider world!
The Oyu Moyu Team
David Bernasconi - Managing Director

David is the glue that holds everything together and ensures the good ship Oyu Moyu always remains on course! Mixed metaphors aside, David’s worldly travels and business experience have combined to ensure that most precious of things: that the creativity and spirit at the heart of Oyu Moyu is able to thrive!

Rachel Gillott - Product Manager

Rachel has been at the heart of Oyu Moyu since day one, providing indispensible childrenswear expertise, as well as an encyclopaedic knowledge of the very best London eateries!

The Oyu Moyu Team
Helene Boulland - Sales Manager

The newest member of the Oyu Moyu team, Helene packed up her effortless Parisian cool and headed across the Channel to join us. Her relentlessly enthusiastic drive to spread the Oyu Moyu message is a wonder to behold, even more so because it seems to be fuelled entirely by chocolate digestive biscuits.

James Darton - Marketing Manager

James’ background is in avant-garde fashion, which he sensibly traded in to help shape a much more wholesome venture from scratch (provided he can still dress head-to-toe in weird black clothes each day of course).